Mission - A foundation dedicated to the advancement of at-risk females between the ages of 14-18 in our community through education, mentoring and sponsorship.

This organization is led by volunteers who have a passion for encouraging young girls to be active participants and contributors to their communities. LeadHer will accomplish its mission through a well-rounded curriculum that fosters critical thinking and personal development through group work and independent problem solving.


There has been tremendous support for the advancement of young women all over the world in recent years. Significant strides have been made to bridge the socio-economic gaps that occur within this particular subset of society. Sadly however, not all girls can be reached. A case in point are the youth currently in Title 1 schools around the city. We observed that many typically have a low self esteem because it has been impressed upon them by their environment and otherwise that they won't amount to much in society. These girls have been surrounded with a lot of negativity most of their lives and are unaware of their potential to make a difference in the communities they reside in. Many feel limited in the choices they have for advancement and don't believe they are smart enough to be leaders or global influencers. We believe in them. We believe in their capacity to be world changers. We believe mentoring these girls is the catalyst that would provoke a change in their mindsets of what they can become. When they experience people successful in different career endeavors committed to their success, we believe that their potential would be nurtured to produce greatness. We are a community of people ready to be their cheerleaders and lead them to greatness. Together, we can be the model and example they aspire to and set them on a path to a bright future.


Leadher empowers young females at-risk to expand their horizons, pursue their dreams, and obtain tools/resources to live life to their fullest potential